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List Of Our Services

COLORING: We listed coloring first as it is our Number 1 service. Our staff is trained and very experienced in all aspects of coloring services. Whether it is Hi-lights,Low-lights or simply something to blend away the grey we can meet your expectations.

CUTTING: Every stylist cuts differently but the end result is what counts. A good haircut is the foundation to you looking good between your salon visits and being able to do your hair at home. Yes we do wash your hair before and even after your haircut if you want.

PERMING: Whether it is a spiral perm on long hair or maybe just a body wave we use some of the best perm products on the market. There is nothing worse than having that “fried“  hair feeling. The right perm and the right products make a huge difference when it comes to perming. Perming your hair is a great way to grow your hair out into a new style.

STYLING: Everybody loves having someone else do there hair. We can style your hair curly or straight or any way you want it. We love pictures so bring them in or you can browse thru our styling books. We can even give you tips on how to style your hair at home and recommend the right products and tools you will need to achieve the look that you want.

STRAIGHTENING: Chemical straightening is very hard on the hair. You have to be extremely knowledgeable about what you are doing. We now offer a Keratin Protein Treatment that will reduce curl and frizz 95% and last 3-6 months. It is an excellent alternative to chemical straightening and will leave your hair soft, shiney and damage free. It also reduces drying and styling time.

WAXING: Due to privacy issues we only offer facial waxing. Eyebrows, lips or chin. Waxing is the best way to control that hair growth where you don’t want it between salon  visits.

SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Our staff can truly make your wedding day a huge success by starting it out right when it comes to doing “Bridal Hair” or even that special prom or party you need to look great for. We have lots of experience in styling hair up or down and making it stay all day or all night.

CURLY HAIR: We have several staff members who have curly hair and understand it”s difficult to cut and style. They know what it takes to make that curly hair work for you.



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